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Option 1

1:1 Sessions

Time: 1 hour

120.00 CHF

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 Here we go deep and look at the core of your blocks and challenges. I combine conversation, meditation and energy work.

Option 2

3 month package for 1:1

Time: 1 hour

1300.00 CHF

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Here we meet for 1 hour every week for three months and have a chance to go even deeper as the work is more intense when we show up with consistency. I combine conversation, meditation and energy work.

(12 total sessions)

*price changes with currency*

*price changes with currency*

I can do sessions in both English or German!


Kind Words



“Working with Elena had a big positive impact on my life. I experienced profound healing and received the exact information I needed. She creates a space where I feel safe in whatever I'm going through, I can open up and go very deep into the process. When working with her I feel truly seen and accepted. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks deep healing.”


“Elena always reminds me of an elf, a creature of light. Therefore, being in her care is an absolute delight and treat. I feel 100% cared for and in the right place, with the right person, ready to let go, because I know that she will catch me.”


“I booked in with Elena when trying to release anger associated with my ex's partner. I couldn't quite understand where my hatred and rage came from and knew Elena's guidance would help me understand my emotions better. Elena provided me with a safe space where I could look inward at some of the darkest karmic patterns in my past life and understand how they affected my path today. With her help, I could clear the karmic ties and shift my mindset into gratitude and compassion. I am forever grateful that this session helped me release these toxic emotions and allowed me to also forgive myself.”


Being with Elena means connecting from Soul to Soul.

I felt accepted from the very first Minute with her.
She created a safe and peaceful Space where i could fully let go and dive right into my inner World, meet my inner Child and start my Healing Journey.

I left the Session with a liberated Heart and a deep sense of Self Connection.

To me, Elena is a gentle Warrior of Light.