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My Story

During the past years I hit rock bottom over and over again (why do books and movies make it look like you can hit rock bottom only once?) and the only way to increase my mental health was by healing my super wounded inner child. Eating disorder, ADHD diagnose and sexual abuse are only a few challenges I faced on my path. Believe me when I say, I often felt like giving up on myself. But I did not! I am a work in progress with continuous healing to do (turns out that this never ends) and somewhere along my journey I found great joy and fulfillment in helping others. 

Giving a

safe space

to someone and seeing them 

remember more of who

lights up my


to someone 

remember more of who they truly are

and see them

they truly are

I work very much from my own experience. I help client's because wherever they are I have been there on my own journey.
When I hold space for someone they feel safe to go very deep and connect with challenging parts as I still keep it light.

When working with me, clients have more understanding and compassion for their past so that they can create the future they actually desire.

This combination brings powerful healing!







My safety and well being come first, everything else can wait.

If I wait for the moment to be fully healed in order to start living my life I will wait forever.

I am responsible for myself and at the same time I don‘t have to do this journey alone.

My mind wants to keep me safe at any costs and creates a ton of stories that are not true in order to keep me in my comfort zone. Thank you, mind. I go for my dreams anyways.

to take with you


The universe always supports me on the path of my higher self. If I get off that path it guides me gently back to it.

Kind Words



“Working with Elena had a big positive impact on my life. I experienced profound healing and received the exact information I needed. She creates a space where I feel safe in whatever I'm going through, I can open up and go very deep into the process. When working with her I feel truly seen and accepted. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks deep healing.”


“Elena always reminds me of an elf, a creature of light. Therefore, being in her care is an absolute delight and treat. I feel 100% cared for and in the right place, with the right person, ready to let go, because I know that she will catch me.”


“I booked in with Elena when trying to release anger associated with my ex's partner. I couldn't quite understand where my hatred and rage came from and knew Elena's guidance would help me understand my emotions better. Elena provided me with a safe space where I could look inward at some of the darkest karmic patterns in my past life and understand how they affected my path today. With her help, I could clear the karmic ties and shift my mindset into gratitude and compassion. I am forever grateful that this session helped me release these toxic emotions and allowed me to also forgive myself.”


Being with Elena means connecting from Soul to Soul.

I felt accepted from the very first Minute with her.
She created a safe and peaceful Space where i could fully let go and dive right into my inner World, meet my inner Child and start my Healing Journey.

I left the Session with a liberated Heart and a deep sense of Self Connection.

To me, Elena is a gentle Warrior of Light.