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emotional healing

doesn't happen without


The only way




- Jessica Moore


I'm Elena

Transformational Coach

I am a transformational coach and content creator with a big vision. I am here to help you heal your wounds at the core so that you can live your soul’s purpose. In my 1:1 sessions I open up a safe space to help you turn your wounds and blocks into light through conversation, meditation and energy work. 

My Story


Every part of you 

is welcome because all of you is

loveable -

including the parts that you may feel ashamed about

including the parts that 




energy work

are powerfully combined to help you

are powerfully 

free yourself

of all that you 

Let's Work Together

- especially

those parts.

....when you work with me

no longer need.

you may feel ashamed about

combined to help you

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In our one on one sessions we go deep by looking at the core of your blocks and challenges. I combine conversation, meditation and energy work.

Here we meet for 1 hour every week for three months and have a chance to go even deeper as the work is more intense when we show up with consistency. I combine conversation, meditation and energy work.

Kind Words



“Working with Elena had a big positive impact on my life. I experienced profound healing and received the exact information I needed. She creates a space where I feel safe in whatever I'm going through, I can open up and go very deep into the process. When working with her I feel truly seen and accepted. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks deep healing.”


“Elena always reminds me of an elf, a creature of light. Therefore, being in her care is an absolute delight and treat. I feel 100% cared for and in the right place, with the right person, ready to let go, because I know that she will catch me.”


“I booked in with Elena when trying to release anger associated with my ex's partner. I couldn't quite understand where my hatred and rage came from and knew Elena's guidance would help me understand my emotions better. Elena provided me with a safe space where I could look inward at some of the darkest karmic patterns in my past life and understand how they affected my path today. With her help, I could clear the karmic ties and shift my mindset into gratitude and compassion. I am forever grateful that this session helped me release these toxic emotions and allowed me to also forgive myself.”


Being with Elena means connecting from Soul to Soul.

I felt accepted from the very first Minute with her.
She created a safe and peaceful Space where i could fully let go and dive right into my inner World, meet my inner Child and start my Healing Journey.

I left the Session with a liberated Heart and a deep sense of Self Connection.

To me, Elena is a gentle Warrior of Light.





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